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Studio Sago

Eric Khor was born in Penang Malaysia in 1974 and began his photography career in his youth and now has over 18 years of experience. From traditional filmed photography in the 20th century to digital photography in the 21st century, Eric has taken countless photographs ranging from nature to people using different photography tools and techniques.

Eric draws his inspiration from his daily experience and specialise in Portrait photography. He believes a good Portrait shot needs to capture the right emotion at the right moment. It is not just about photographing people, it is about bringing out their soul and humanness. He attributed his sense of intricacy to his education and cultural background.

Eric started Studio Sago in 2004 to fulfill his dream to become a professional photographer. He is a certified member of the Master Photographer Association in UK (AMPA).

Eric's positive attitude towards life and work has won over the hearts of many of his clients. Many have become good friends. His greatest satisfaction comes from the smile and compliments he receives when he delivers his work.

Company Name Studio Sago
Registration No. 53051505M
Address 30B Sago Street Singapore 059024
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