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Halcyon Media

Corporate photography is often the very first thing a new client notices about the company. There is only one chance to make that impression.

Halcyon Media offers the full range of corporate photography that businesses requires, ranging from corporate offices, landscapes, interior architecture, products, people, events, through to public meetings and editorial content for your corporate usage.

It will be more beneficial if companies hire corporate photographers on a long term basis - both for your employees and in terms of costs. As the employees become more comfortable, the photographer will be able to capture natural headshots.

Dare to be different in your corporate photography. Avoid cliché photography such as two men shaking hands and looking towards the camera smiling, unsmiling pictures of your employees, team photo of all the employees who are standing in a straight line, employees working quietly on their computers or of some employees looking at some kind of presentation. Be creative!

Company Name Halcyon Media
Registration No. T08LL1118B
Address Peifu Industrial Building 24, New Industrial Road #05-04 Singapore 536210
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