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Renovation under budget : Average renovation cost Singapore

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Businessmen and tourists stay in Singapore throughout the year. So it is required that the place looks extravagant all the time. Renovation is a common occurrence for the people of Singapore. It is important to keep the houses in proper state to live in. Also, modern houses would attract more families. Similarly, it is not necessary that it is that it would be a large scale modification. The average renovation cost Singapore may vary from 30k to a sum as large as 70k. It depends on the ideas of the person hiring.

Factors affecting renovation cost

When calculating average renovation cost Singapore, one should focus on the factors on the basis of which it varies. Renovation cost can vary from residence to residence. No two items are same. Listed below are few factors on the basis of which the cost can be varied:
  1. Quantity of work: the size of every house is different. In Singapore there are three room houses as well as multiple room based homes. Since the houses are different, their cost of renovation would also vary from one another. The larger the number and size of the room, the more resources would be required to modify it. Hence, the cost incurred would be more.
  2. Perception of the owner: the cost also depends on the level of complexity of the work. Simpler ideas, which do not require any major changes, would be cheaper. In comparison, complex ideas, with high grade modifications would be expensive. Similarly, if more additions are to be made like addition of a wall or a staircase would also cost more.
  3. Quality of materials: The materials used in the process could be of low or high quality. It all depends on the preference of the person hiring. Although the result from high grade material would be better; but the cost would be higher than low quality resources.
  4. Company hired: The company hired for renovation purpose has a big impact on the price of the service. The company’s experience and expert task force has a great role in determining their rates.

Minimize cost of renovation

Everybody likes to own a beautiful home, but the cost of it can be way more than one can afford. If one lives in Singapore, here are some tips and tricks which can help minimize the average renovation cost:
  1. Avoid wallpapers, use paints: The average cost of hiring painters in Singapore may be from $1200 to $1500; this is inclusive of the cost of paint. The cost of wall papers is, at its lowest level, 30 percent higher than painters. Similarly, the maintenance cost would also be greater in case of wallpapers.
  2. Hire a qualified professional: Just because one is in the business of renovating does not mean that he has all the required information for it. Higher an interior designer, not a contractor or interior decorator.
  3. Contemporary approach: Contemporary designs are simpler and minimal. They do not require extravagant changes. It is based on making the best of what one has. Avoid over use of carpeting. Carpeting has no use, other than increasing the average renovation cost Singapore.

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